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Juniors 14-17

English Tuition

1-1 or 2-1 study with a friend, colleague or family member.

Adult 18+ years

English Tuition

1-1 or 2-1 study with a friend, colleague or family member.

English for 50+

Refresh your English

A tailor-made package made to individual requirements.

Parent and child

Travel with your child

Accompany your child on the homestay tuition experience

Exam preparation

An exam focused 1-1 program

All exams including KET,PET, CAE, FCE, IELTS and more

Business English

An intensive 1:1 course

Designed to improve all aspects of business communication

FAST Track

Intensive English course

For those who cannot commit to a full time course and who need fast results

Plus 1 shared homestay

Plus 1

Share a course

2-1 study with a friend, colleague, family member or another student.


Culture and conversation

For those not requiring lessons but practice in conversation only. Live in an English family.

Guardianship service

School holidays in a family

We offer Homestays in English families for children who are in education in UK private schools

Our locations


Homestays available in diverse locations all over the UK. Select a homestay by the sea,in a town or in the countryside

Group Study Tours

Hastings East Sussex

We can organise group study programs for European schools inclusive of group tution , homestay in a family and excursions.

homestay english language courses


Excursions and activities

Inclusive with each program weekly

Extra information about Homestay English

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Homestay English

At Homestay English teaching we specialise in private one to one tuition in a tutor’s home. Living with your tutor and being immersed into the language and culture is an excellent way of radically improving your spoken English in a short time. We offer a variety of programs including English exam preparation and Business English.We also offer educational short stays for school groups from Europe.

Learn English in the UK

Learn English in the UK without interruptions or distractions, when living with one of our carefully selected home tutors. We take great care in selecting the correct host teachers to assist our language students in their English learning. We offer private home tuition to individuals and small groups. If you do not wish to have formal lessons, we can offer you a full immersion program, where you will be immersed into English conversation and culture, by participating in the family’s way of life. Our Homestay English language courses are bespoke and we will fit in with whichever scenario you desire.

English learning

As the purpose of your visit is to improve your English significantly, we will endeavour to facilitate this as much as possible during your stay. Your English learning will be encouraged each and every day, not only in the classroom but during your activities and excursions also. We offer a transfer service for all students under 18 years old. However, should an adult,18+ require this service, we can make the necessary arrangements. As part of our service, we also offer advance rail tickets as well as tickets to various venues. Please contact us with any queries you may have and you will receive a response within 24 hours. Browse through our list of courses below and simply click on the ” Full details ” button for more details. You will also find a lot of useful information on our FAQ page.

Our students' experiences

homestay tution enhanced junior



The 1 to 1 lessons are very intense much more than at school and the activities are interesting so I had a lot of fun too.



JULY 2017

I will recommend this organisation to other students because it is a really good experience. My English has improved a lot, for instance I can immediately answer a question or say something. Also my grammar is better now. Most of all I enjoyed camping and of course walks along the seafront. Last time I came and this time were  the best holidays ever. So if you go you will really enjoy this time.

Homestay teachers in Kent


APRIL 2017

Every morning we had our lesson from 9 -12.30pm. We started off with a role-play based on my work. We did some grammar and had lessons with a particular topic involving meetings, specialising in business language and  negotiations. We did a project about Faversham Brewery based on  how to make a new business and bring English beers to Germany especially to Munich. I would  be delighted to repeat that.  I felt well from the beginning until the end. Jayne is great teacher

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