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Homestay teachers in Isle of Wight

Homestay teachers in Isle of Wight

My name is Marie Probert and I have been an English language home tutor for almost 20 years. I am now semi retired. I have taught English in schools, at home on a private basis and as voluntary work in the Far East. I am now concentrating on liaising between students and teachers although, if I fit the requested criteria, I do still take homestay tuition bookings myself.

Selecting the best English homestay tutors

I have a good understanding of what students are looking for, having had experience across many cultures. I have personally interviewed and verified every English language teacher listed on my website. I have visited and inspected all the accommodation offered. All teachers on my site are highly qualified and experienced in one-to-one home tuition and in homestay hosting. To work with Homestay English teaching, all teachers must meet a strict criteria. The same applies for the accommodation.

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Our teaching style is friendly and informal. We aim to provide a relaxed learning environment with complete flexibility in the materials and methods we use, and the way in which we teach. The lessons are both stimulating and imaginative, which will keep you engaged and interested in the learning process. Your learning experience with us,will focus on your individual aims and objectives and your language skills will improve. As well as improving your English skills, our aim is to give you a wonderful experience of British culture,in a family homestay with an English teacher

A unique English Homestay experience

Our aim is to ensure that all students who come through this organisation, get the maximum benefit from their homestay experience on a more, personal level. Any problems should be reported immediately and will be dealt with promptly. I am personally available 24/7 and can be contacted on the telephone number in the student’s handbook.

Homestay teachers in Isle of Wight

Michele Gayler: Homestay teachers in Isle of Wight

Location : Newpot – small town
Accommodation : Double / twin bedroom
Private bathroom
Family at home: Husband
Pets: Dog
Interests: Architecture, House renovation, Interior design, Spanish, Creative Writing, Entertaining, Walking
General English, Exam prep. Business English

About me

I have been teaching for over 12 years and was previously a supply lecturer at the Isle of Wight College. I predominantly offer ‘stay and learn’ intensive courses for business professionals providing courses in Business Meetings, Presentations, Negotiations, Customer Care, Human Resources, Sales and Purchasing, Negotiations and Business Socialising (to name but a few) as well as Aviation English to pilots. My hobbies and interests are: walking, house renovations, Spanish, creative writing and socialising with friends. I live with my architect husband and two Cavaliers dogs in Carisbrooke on the beautiful Isle of Wight (close to Carisbrooke Castle) and our nearest airports are Southampton, Bournemouth and Gatwick.

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JUNE 2018

There are many advantages by homestay tuition. I understand more the culture of the UK and the culture of a UK family. My unconscious English mistakes can be figured out my one-to-one tuition. Tuition can be adapted to my demands.

homestay teachers in london



It was good we go often outside and went often to London and two times to the cinema. My English improved and I would recommend to other students.



I really enjoyed my stay at Aksana's , not only was the accommodation exceptionally good but first and foremost, she gave me the full immersion experience I was looking for.  She has 'literally' involved me in her daily life - sharing music, films, communication, meeting friends and outings. She is a competent teacher, highly sensitive to her students needs.https://www.homestayenglish.uk.com/homestay-teachers-in-sussex/

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